Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Freedom of the City

Mr. S and I are going to NYC this weekend sans the two lovelies pictured in the previous post. Actually Mr. S is leaving tomorrow and I'm joining him Friday. We'll be back on Sunday.

I've been contemplating what we should do while there, and I've had several ideas. You know, shop, go to a museum, wander Central Park. All of the usual things. We may do any or all or none of these. BUT, this morning I was struck by an idea. Something I WILL do while in NYC. Are you ready? I'm going to use the bathroom with the f-in door closed!

Our bathroom downstairs has a sliding door and the lock doesn't work so well. There's nothing like your 20 month old opening the door and leaving it open AND trying to climb onto your lap whilst you're using the facilities.

TMI? Sorry.

At any given moment at home, I have Sparkle on my lap, the dog at my feet and Twinkle hovering behind me. Yes, I know it sounds odd, but I'm looking forward to a little SPACE in NYC. I've been there many times, so yes I know there's really no such thing as personal space anywhere. But, I know from past experience that I will feel less claustrophobic in that crowded city where you can't always see the sky because of the tall buildings than I do in my own home.

I hope that this trip will be as rejuvenating as it has in the past. I (and Mr. S... and Twinkle...and Sparkle....and the dog....) need it!


Heather said...

Oh, I'm jealous. I'd love to go back to NYC for a visit.

Come to think of it, using the bathroom with the door closed sounds pretty good too.

mama.king said...

Avenue Q is well worth the money. If you have time, you should go see it.

ElastiGirl said...

Ave Q is greatness!!

when I was dogsitting, I realized that several weeks went by with 8 beady little eyes watching my every bathroom journey - it's nice that the biyz are big enough now to AVOID coming in if I'm in there!!

Have fun in NYC - we're going in late May - you'll have to relay all the good info!

Mary Beth said...

The peace of the naked city...

We went to Dylan's Candy Shop and Celebration III restaurant. And St. John the Divine.

I'd love to have spent more time in Central Park, myself.

Have a GREAT trip!!!

Mary Beth said...

So how was it?