Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You're Never Too Old To Learn

It's not even 4:30 pm. Boy am I tired.


I've learned two things today. One of them I already knew, but chose to not pay attention to my instincts. The other is not something that should surprise me.

The first - If it seems like your two year old is too quiet, run, don't walk, to where she is. Don't think, "Hey, it seems too quiet. I'll check on that in a minute."

My girly girl, Sparkle, decided this morning that she needed to open some lotion and put it on. (Thanks, pre-school, for perfecting those fine motor skills) Not a big deal. BUT given the amount of time she had, it wasn't pretty. She came to where I was. She smelled oh so good. She had lotion on her hands, arms and face, but not a ton. It just wasn't rubbed in. The office smells good too. That'd be because Sparkle decided that the panes on the french doors were a bit dry and needed a nice coating of lotion as well. So did the desk. I'm hoping that the dog was able to steer clear, though she could stand to smell a little better.

The second is ALMOST exactly the same thing. Almost. Sparkle has been fighting naps lately. Every now and then she'll take a great nap in the afternoon. I am not one to give up, so she gets an opportunity every day to take a nap. USUALLY, it's a good thing when she finally stops playing/singing and gets quiet in her room. USUALLY, it means she's gone to sleep.

Not today. Today, she started knocking on her bedroom door after a small stretch of silence. One in which I thought she was asleep. I went upstairs to get her, opened her door and thought...actually said, "WHAT's that smell?" Not a normal stinky baby smell. Just an odd smell. I looked over and saw a bottle of lotion. Not sure how she got it. The bottle was covered with white. I thought she'd had another lotion party, but the smell wasn't right. And the texture/consistency wasn't quite right. I started wondering if large quantities of lavender lotion would smell that way. At the same time, I also wondered where she would have gotten a tube of white acrylic paint, because that is what it felt and smelled like.

Luckily, I suppose, it was not paint. It was zinc oxide paste. The heavy duty kind. Paint may have been better. She had zinc oxide on her face and hands, in her hair, on shelves in her room, and any number of other places I haven't found.

Currently Sparkle and Twinkle are in the bath tub. Sparkle because she needed it and Twinkle because she can't pass up a potential bath. You know, zinc oxide is made to not wash off easily. I can't WAIT to wash her face. It will be so enjoyable.

I guess the upside is she shouldn't get any moisture related rashes anywhere AND she should be protected from the sun.