Thursday, March 13, 2008

Noise Comes in Many Forms

It's been building. And building. The mess, oh, the mess.

I've been a little lax the past couple of weeks with various housekeeping tasks. And since I'm pretty lax to begin with, you can only imagine how things have been around here. Part of the reason for this, as I'm sure every mother feels several times during her life, was the fact that it seems I'm the only one trying to stay ahead of the mess....picking up toys, dishes, shoes, toys....

To his credit, (his extreme credit) Mr. Swizzle has cranked through laundry and about every stitch of clothing in the house is clean. It's all piled in our bedroom floor, but it's clean.

Tuesday night, it got to me. I told Mr. Swizzle I wanted to rent a Bobcat and drive it through the house. Well, instead of doing that, I worked my butt off yesterday and cleaned...the kitchen. Didn't even make it to the dining table that's technically part of the kitchen, but by heaven I CLEANED the kitchen.

You know what? The house, well the kitchen at least, seems QUIETER today. Hmmmm. I've know that visual chaos affects my mood. I didn't know that it makes everything louder.

Maybe tomorrow, I can move the silence into the living room, or better yet MY room!


Heather said...

Ooo. Good for you on tackling one room anyway! I let things get out of hand then I'm stuck because I can't decide where to even start cleaning.

I think you're right about the visual noise too.

ElastiGirl said...

My house is louder when it's messy b/c I'm yelling at everyone in my bad mood caused by the chaos - when mamma's not happy... and all that

Mary Beth said...

Hooray! I'm going to tackle the hall closet this weekend. You're inspiring me!

Miss Smarty Pants said...

You can rent a backhoe at the big orange box. Just in case. But I think you chose the better route.

Whenever I feel the chaos closing in, I try to find a stack of things to give to the goodwill that I am not using anymore. Less stuff helps.

mama.king said...

At least your house doesn't have an ongoing bathroom project (did I mention it's been ongoing for almost 2 years?). BTW- B started to strip the wallpaper out of the kitchen this week. Now we have 2 ongoing projects. Give me dirty kitchen and unfolded laundry anyday!