Thursday, April 3, 2008

So, How Was It?

MB has nudged me to remind me that I haven't posted in over a week.

Our trip was wonderful, though too short. Because of flight delays, I didn't get into the city until about 5:30 Friday night. No worries. Mr. S had scored a room we may never see again. The hotel had messed up his reservation and he managed to get a room that, according to the room service guy, had the best view in the hotel.

Being on the top floor with windows facing 3 directions, I'd say he's right. Like I said, I don't think we'll see that room again. Oh, and yes, I managed to go into the bathroom and close the door without anyone opening it. Both bathrooms.

It was nice to get away together and see friends that we see about once a year.

I guess I haven't been posting a whole lot because I've been feeling a bit melancholy and didn't want to write another melancholy post.

I'm not sure why I'm feeling this way, but I know it will pass.


Heather said...

Looks pretty nice to me.

I'm feeling the same way. I'll blame the weather. It's time for spring.

Anonymous said...

we need a margarita night!

isn't it nice to have some privacy in the bathroom - (s)??

so what show did you see?

Miss Smarty Pants said...

Did your bathroom have a phone in it? I have always thought that was a sign of crazy luxury. Sounds like the place was amazing. Hope to hear more about it soon.

Mary Beth said...

Twas great to see you today. Glad you had fun in The City.