Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good News!! Jesus Lives Next Door!!

I just have to get this out.

This morning, GND did ride with us to school. On Monday, when her mother drove both to and from school, GND did not talk to Twinkle, she read a book. So, this morning Twinkle took a book in our car, just in case GND didn't talk to her again. The book she chose? "How to Be a Friend" She wanted to show it to GND. Yeah, well....

I told Twinkle that she could not sit there next to GND and show her all the sins in the book that she believed GND has committed. I was in the house when they got into the van. When I got in, Twinkle was saying, "GND, you blamed me for something that I didn't do and that isn't being a good friend. You said I ______ and I didn't." GND responded that either she didn't say that or that Twinkle did do whatever it was. She probably said both which... well... nevermind.

They went back and forth and I told Twinkle to stop doing that and just read her book. Twinkle, of course, had to say one more time, "You DID blame me for something I didn't do." GND's mother who was standing there by the door of the van said, "GND doesn't do that."

Hold on while I growl at the memory of it again.

OK, WTF? So many things went through my head for the entire drive to school and back ranging from "Is she an idiot?" to "Why would you stick your child with that?" It seems like a lot of pressure to me. "Why would she say that in front of the child?" "Is she a habitual liar too?" And over and over, "WTF?!"

What do you do with a mother like that as another mother? Part of me wanted to go over and chat with her and ask what if anything GND told her about Sunday. I wanted to tell her what happened and point out that ALL kids do things at one time or another and why on Earth would she think her child was different? I, as is my personality, wanted to just go over there and talk to her or smack her until she saw the light!

I'm also just bewildered that GND is the one acting like Twinkle wronged her. I just want to say, "Do you understand that Twinkle is the one that by all rights shouldn't want to talk to you?" But then the other part of my mind says, "Wait. Wait. Let her sulk. Twinkle would be better off without her."

Ugh... Yet another chapter in the saga. The upside is Twinkle and I have been playing together a lot over the past few days and I'VE been having a blast!


Heather said...

Ack. I don't know what to say about that. Some parents are just so clueless. I'd have been tempted to smack her too.

Mary Beth said...

Huh. Apple doesn't fall far from that tree!

Duchess of Insanity said...

Dude, this needs to be a screenplay. It could be on ABC family or something.

I really don't believe that GND's mom backs her up on all of this. I stand up for Drama without fail when I know he is right, and I will usually take his side of the story. But I know that he, like all other 8 y/o's, makes mistakes. How can you just sweep them under the rug as a mother and turn the other way? Or just be that naive??? She's not doing her child any favors. What message is she sending? GND is going to have people issues when she gets older. Sad when parents don't parent....
Good for you having fun with Twinkle. She probably has enjoyed that as much, or more, than you imagine!

SUEB0B said...

As long as your daughter isn't in any danger, I would say to let the kids work it out amongst themselves.