Sunday, April 1, 2007

Boy, I Needed That (or I Heart NY)

We're home from our getaway. Man was it great! It was just what I needed. I didn't stress or get annoyed about anything all weekend! Can you imagine? I, Mrs. Swizzle, wasn't annoyed ALL WEEKEND. About ANYTHING! I was there, and I can't believe it.

I got into the city from the airport around 3:00 Friday afternoon, Mr. Swizzle got back to the hotel around 4:30. He had made dinner reservations AND gotten tickets for a show (Chicago with Bebe Neuwirth as Roxy). So, that was our Friday night.

Saturday, we spent all day at the Museum of Natural History. I've never been to that particular museum before. It was fantastic. I haven't seen "Night at the Museum" but I can see where the idea for the book came from. All those dioramas are too cool. The animals look almost alive - if they weren't so still. All I could think from the moment we walked through the door was that Twinkle would love it. The animals, the planets, all of it. After the museum, we walked across the street to Central Park and shared a pretzel.

Saturday night we met up with our friends from Jersey and had dinner and walked around the West Village a little bit. After we got back to the hotel, we opened the windows of the hotel room (they don't open much up on the 39th floor) and just listened to the sounds drifting up from Times Square before going to sleep.

Today our return trip was completely serene. We had plenty of time, listened to music on the plane, and came back to a beautiful day here in Texas. Mr. Swizzle went off to a band rehearsal on his way to becoming a rock star after we got home, and still I'm stess-free.

I truly hope that I can hold onto the serenity I'm currently feeling. I was actually near tears with happiness this weekend and tried to soak up every single stress free moment. I'm trying not to think about different things that are coming up this week. Being the head of the Altar Guild at our church, and this being Holy Week, things could get stressful. I'm sure all will be well. I've done this before, so it's not like I'm unprepared. AND I'll get to participate in the Maundy Thursday service this year, instead of working behind the scenes.

I guess if I start feeling stressed this week, I'll just scream "serenity now!!", and all will be well.

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