Friday, April 13, 2007

Things are Changing at Chez Swizzle

With the impending addition of a wee one, I'm starting to have nesting tendencies.

We will leave to go to China on May 10 to get our new daughter and Twinkle's little sister. (You can follow all the fun here). Mr. Swizzle, as is his wont, asked this morning what our plans for the weekend are. He got annoyed at my "I don't know" answer. So, I said, "Well, we need to get things out of the attic for the baby, put things away into the attic, put up decorations in the nursery, figure out a name...." His reply? "I meant fun stuff in the evenings, possibly with friends." Oh.

While I say I'm having nesting "tendencies", I am having trouble following through on those tendencies. Especially today when it's oddly cool and overcast outside.

We've purchased airline tickets. I'm starting to go through several documents that have been sent to us by our agency that we need to complete or take with us to China. I'm getting there. I have big ideas and I'm keeping up with those ideas so I, you know, remember them. Hopefully this weekend, we'll be able to get a few more things done and feel a step or two closer to being prepared for our trip.

We'll be going to China, prepared or not. I'm ready to get my daughter. I'm ready to bring her home. We have travel visas and tickets. If I forget to pack something, I'll bet I can get it or a variation of it once we get there.

Can't wait.

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