Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Why? Why Can't I Rest?

It's been an interesting week.

The interesting part started about 11:30 Sunday night with a blood curdling cry from the top of the stairs. I was actually still awake and downstairs when this sound reached my ears. I was half way up the stairs when Twinkle cried, "My nose is bleeding!" The poor child had awakened from a dead sleep complete with a nightmare. The details are sketchy, but she ended up standing at her door with blood over the bottom half of her face. She actually kinda looked like she'd become undead and had recently been dining on fresh brain. I can joke. NOW.

We headed into the bathroom and, sparing you the gory details, got her nose to stop bleeding 15 minutes later. It was just a disturbing amount of blood coming out of my child. Being that late at night, I had all kinds of thoughts going through my head including ERs and blood transfusions. It was a lot of blood.

Anyhoo, Twinkle spent the rest of the night in our room on a chaise lounge. We're lucky she didn't have school Monday because we could "sleep in" until about 7:30. Whee. Monday afternoon, she had another gusher that only took about 5 minutes to stop. Then, she went to drama class. Cause, we need more drama. The same drama class where her nose collided with another kid's forehead 2 weeks ago resulting in....nose bleed.

I took Twinkle to the doctor yesterday morning before school and she confirmed that injuries like the one 2 weeks ago can bleed for, guess what?, 2 weeks. OK. Of course, yesterday, Twinkle started sounding like she was getting a cold, but I couldn't let her blow her nose.

After the doctor's office, she went to school and went to swimming lessons afterward. Last night? No nose bleeds. Lots of coughing though. LOTS. She again spent half the night on our chaise, and I decided at about 4am, when all decisions should be made, that she was not going to school today.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling like crap. You know that feeling when you're convinced that you have a fever because you have the chills? But you really don't have a fever? And all you want to do is sleep? But you don't sleep? Because your almost 6 year old, despite the coughs and lack of sleep, feels GREAT? Yeah. That's where I am.

And so, I'm blogging, because I can't actually go lie down and rest. I think I have a video game of PS2 Star Wars Lego whatever it's called in my near future. At least I can be Darth Vadar without too much energy expenditure.

PS... The doctor felt compelled to assure me that, even though a lot of people associate unexplained nose bleeds with childhood leukemia - because they are a warning sign, she had never personally diagnosed childhood leukemia based on a nose bleed.

Thanks. I had no idea. That I should be worried about childhood leukemia because of a nose bleed!


ElastiGirl said...

I'm not laughing at you - I'm laughing with you - I swear!! I am your friend & would never do that!!
You are in my prayers for a peaceful night's sleep and a peaceful worry-free mind -
Sweet Dreams!

Mary Beth said...

Yuck, kid nosebleeds are horrible. They show up when you least expect them!

Not that you should be paranoid. I'm just saying, in MY experience that's what happened.