Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What's Up With Twinkle

I guess Twinkle somehow knew that I hadn't posted in a week and needed new material.

She's getting up in the middle of the night again. She really hasn't stopped doing it. It's just become less often. But, she came into our room twice last night. I'm not sure what time it was the first time, but it felt like I'd just gone to sleep. The second was around 4:30.

She says she can't sleep in her bed. She needs to sleep in our bed. We didn't let her sleep with us. There were tears and frustration, but she didn't get in our bed.

This morning, she said her sheets were "wrinkly". At Hubby's suggestion, I told her that I'd go find some nice soft sheets for her bed. Our sheets are definitely softer than hers. Hubby loves the 5 million thread count sheets. I'm also going to try turning off her nightlight after she's asleep. Maybe she likes our room because it's dark. Sure, it probably comes down to wanting to be with us, just like she says. But, we have to find a way to keep her in her bed and sleeping.

It has an effect on all of us. I may be crankier than she is after missing sleep.

I've got to find a way to end this "phase".

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