Friday, January 26, 2007

It's NOT the SATs!

I just dropped Twinkle off for testing. She's in Kindergarten. Next year, for 1st grade, she's switching to a different school that's a combination between private school and home schooling (blogging should be interesting next Fall).

So, this morning, she's at the new school being tested. Mind you she's never taken a test before. When I told her yesterday what she was doing this morning, she said "What's a test?" (Any Simpsons fans out there? - "What's a truck?") I left her in a room with a teacher and three other kids about to learn how to use a Scan-Tron form.

Did I mention she'll be there for 2 hours? Sure, I leave her at school every day for 6 1/2, but this feels different. Oy.

Mind you, she wasn't nervous at all. I'm glad I didn't rub off on her. SHE has no idea that being nervous is an option. I'm not really sure why I'm nervous, now that I think about it. It isn't as if they are going to come back and say, "Sorry, your child is a baboon". They aren't going to say she can't go to the school - I guess. Why am I nervous? She's a smart kid and she handles herself well. No nerves, maybe a little shyness that comes out of nowhere in new situations. I know she may look to me to see how to behave in new situations, so I try to not exhibit negative freak-out behavior.

I'll leave to pick her up in about half an hour. I'm sure she doesn't know what the big deal is. Now if I could just learn from her, we'd all be doing great!

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