Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Swing, Pendulum, Swing

Yesterday, Twinkle and I went to the Black Hole . We were there to purchase a snack for her to take to school today, as she's "snack host" today. She sang and danced and really cracked herself (and me) up while at the store. It was a mercifully short trip.

When we got into the car to leave, she asked if she could have a Slurpee. No. She started whining. Double No. So, as we drive along she's whining, etc., etc. about wanting a Slurpee. Well, you'd think she'd know me better by now. Any chance she had of actually getting a Slurpee went away when the whining started.

We were almost home and on a narrow, two-lane road when people in front of me started slowing down as we approached the railroad tracks. Then I realize they're slowing because there's a guy on a bike that they are each passing in turn. When I get to be the car behind the guy on the bike, we are at the railroad track and he veers a little more into the street in front of me. I'm almost stopped anyway, which was a good thing, because he put out his arm indicating he was turning left. No problem. As he makes the turn, his baseball cap blows off of his head straight at my truck. So, I stop completely - not wanting to run over his cap. He stops, looks at me and smiles, makes sure there's no traffic, then comes back for his cap. He smiles again and waves and goes on his way.

Meanwhile, Twinkle, who had been whining up until we started slowing down, says "Why did his helmet fall off?". Me: "It wasn't a helmet, it was a baseball cap. The wind blew it off of his head." T: "Why did the wind blow it off of his head?" Me: "Because the wind is like that."

The whining stops. The laughter starts. T: "Mom, that's funny." Me: "What?" T, almost sounding like Beevis and Butthead: "His hat blew off." More laughter that would have been rolling-on-the-floor laughter if she hadn't been strapped in.

If you can't find the humor in that, you must be older than 5.

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Girl con Queso said...

"Because the wind is like that." Love it.