Thursday, January 18, 2007

Just Another Day

This week has really been an odd one. Monday, Twinkle didn't have school because of the holiday (not to mention hazardous road conditions). She went to school Tuesday. Then, no school again Wednesday, this time JUST for the ice on the roads. Today is Thursday. Twinkle went to school. I was going to IKEA with my BFF since we didn't go Monday. After doing carline at Twinkle's school, I called BFF- she and her chilluns are sick. No IKEA. So, home again, home again. What shall I do with all this alone time?

Nothing. Twinkle's teacher called around 10:15 and said Twinkle wasn't her usual self. She asked if I'd noticed Twinkle feeling bad, No. She said Twinkle seemed tired and clingy and had a very low fever. That's when I showed my Mother Of The Year promise and asked "Do you think I should come get her?" So, Twinkle's at home. Again. Today.

She's disappointed because she was supposed to go to a friend's house after school and now that isn't going to happen. I'm trying to force her to rest. She really doesn't seem that bad.

It just takes a lot for me to get riled up. There usually has to be some sort of excess of bodily fluid on the outside of her body that should be on the inside. So, she's tired. She's laying her head down on her desk. Is she bleeding? hurling? No? What's the problem?

She is clingy, which is out of the ordinary. And she is happily lying on the couch watching a movie, which is a bit out of the ordinary. She loves school, so I know she wouldn't leave without complaint if she felt normal. I guess we're having another snuggle under a blanket in front of the fire kind of day. Again. Today.

Could be worse, huh?

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