Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Things That Make Me Smile

Well, thanks to my procrastinator ways, this first thing really makes me smile. The white qipao that I bought for Sparkle in China back in May to wear for her baptism still fits! Yea! (This link is not the dress, obviously, but it's just here to show you what a qipao is. And since the picture is kinda small, it's still hard to tell. It's a dress.)

Interestingly, white is a color of mourning in China, not of celebration. They have these baby sized qipaos in white at the stores in Guangzhou, I think, because of the number of Americans adopting babies that will be baptized back home. I did buy Sparkle a red one for New Years, and I really considered using it for her baptism. What would Fr. D say? Actually, I'm a little afraid it would bleed in the baptismal font.

So, that's one thing that makes me smile. I don't have to go searching for a baptism gown sometime between now and November 4. Whew!

The other thing that makes me smile is the following conversation that took place between Twinkle and me last night. She was an angel yesterday. Very well behaved all day. No whining. No arguing. It was wonderful. I guess it got to her, because she had a little bit of a cry fest while getting ready for bed over something very tiny. After she recovered, she decided that she wanted to go to sleep in her bed, instead of on the couch as had been previously discussed.

She asked, "Mom, could you read me a story and then snuggle with me?"
Me: Sure that sounds like a great idea.
T: You're welcome to do that any night you'd like that I go to sleep in my bed. (that phrasing?!)
Me: OK
T: But not Dad.
Me: Oh? Why not?
T: Because HE just reads POEMS!!!!

I laughed so hard. Then she said, "Well, he doesn't ALWAYS read poems."

Later, after we'd read a story and I was snuggling with her in her bed, she turned over and looked me in the eye and said, "Mom. POEMS!" Which, of course, made me die laughing again. I said, "You're so funny!" and T (my girl) said, "YES I AM!"



Superbrit said...

Do we have a future Poet in our midst? This is a must as a journal entry in Miss T's baby book - to be read to her when she writes and publishes her first POEM. Hubby can then sit in the audience and take full credit for her success - he he -

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for sharing the laugh! This is great.

Anonymous said...

She is funny!! I so enjoyed spending time with your girls - they are both priceless gems!!

Mary Beth said...

thought I might see you at concert last night. hope all is well...

Mary Beth said...

I tagged you!!!

Mary Beth said...

oh, here's where you can see what the meme is, duh!