Friday, November 9, 2007

I Promised I Would

MB over at Terrapin Station, in a blatant attempt to get me out of my blogging slump, tagged me to do the following:

Here is my kitchen window:
What's in there? Hmmm.

From left to right we have: a pottery bud vase, plant food, a collection of Twinkle's sand art, two small pots that Twinkle brought home from Kindergarten last year with something in them that was supposed to grow.

Behind the faucet (which is new BTW) is a small pottery dish with tea light candles in it.

Next is a pot that Twinkle painted and put a flower on using paint on her fingers when she was 3. It didn't get sealed, so if you water the plant, the paint comes off. Now it has a fake plant in it.

Next is a box of hummingbird food, and various lotions.

Finally, hanging on the window is a green glass sun catcher with a Celtic cross on it.

And it's not a bad view, to boot.


Mary Beth said...

Hey! Plant food really DOES occur! apparently in your window!

THanks for playing! I love seeing this. I want your faucet! It's so awesome!

your countertops too, if you're letting them go.

wait, did I make that up? Nevermind.

love the sand art too!

Anonymous said...

Good play - I'll get mine done soon!!