Friday, June 29, 2007


Doctors confirmed that my friend, J, has Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She is starting chemo today.

The word is that it is treatable, her doctors expect full remission, but the chemo is really a bitch. A "simple" infection or exposure to germs could do her in. She is such a strong person, and is in my thoughts and prayers constantly. I know she can come through this. She said yesterday that she knows that the prayers will give her the strength that she doesn't have on her own. Say a prayer for that strength. And courage, and....

Though it's only noon, it's been a good day with Twinkle so far, even though she came in and slept with us at some point during the night. I'm definitely tired today, and may try a power nap when Sparkle takes her afternoon nap, though she hasn't woke up from her morning nap yet.

On a brighter note, literally, the sun is out - at least for now. We have a Flash Flood Watch until 7pm, so I guess it's going to rain some more. But, for now, the sun is out. The lake that's less than a mile from our house is 8 feet above normal. Last year at this time, it was 8 feet below normal. It's a lovely sight to behold.

So is the sun.

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Mary Beth said...

Doesn't it make you appreciate the devil out of the sunshine when we DO have it!? and that lake with all the water in it!

Praying for J so hard my teeth hurt. Not sure that little part will help her, but it does me.

Hope you get that nap...