Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Heaven Help Us All

What a day. It's not quite noon.

Can anyone out there tell me some magical formula for making a six year old listen? I realize the addition of a sibling is causing some angst that is coming out in all sorts of ways. Ways that don't seem to be related to said sibling. Apparently, it's also a six year old thing to be obstinate.

For about a week now, Twinkle has been waking up multiple times a night saying she's having bad dreams. In her very dramatic way, she informs us "I just can't take the nights!!!" Sometimes, she just cries without actually waking up. Not in a night terrors kind of way, because she's had those before. Doesn't wake her up, but wakes us up. Last night, I don't know how many times she cried. Most nights she ends up in our bed. I wonder if somehow, even subconsciously, she feels like that's the only time she gets us to herself.

Today, she's been ... bi-polar? I thought I was going to scream earlier because she was being so defiant. Now, she's all "I love you, mommy" with a cheesy grin on her face. It seems like the only reason that she's not getting in trouble for not listening right this moment, is because I'm not doing anything she should be listening to. I know she feels sorry for earlier, and maybe the cheesy grin is a way to see if I'm still angry with her.

I hate doing this everyday. I hate feeling like I fight with her everyday. I hate feeling annoyed every single day. Mr. Swizzle probably wonders why I don't get out of the house more and go do things. It's just not worth the fight. I need to take Sparkle to get more blood drawn (long story) but I just don't want the hassle of the fight I expect from Twinkle.

Everything is a fight. And I'm wearing down to nothing.

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Mary Beth said...

Darn. I sure hate to hear this, and I have zero suggestions. No experience in this area whatsoever.

Maybe you need a girls' night out? You, me, our favorite seminarian, margaritas?

I'm eminently available...except Weds night which is choir...