Saturday, June 16, 2007

Oh, My God, the Dog Hair!

I find myself slightly wishing we didn't have a dog. We've had dear old Senna for 4 years now. She was born the night the US invaded Iraq. That's how I keep up with how long we've been there.

Anyway, this dog... I love this dog. She really is a sweety when she's not pretending she's Cujo. BUT. The Dog. Sheds. A. Lot. No really. I've told several people that I think we could make another dog every week with the hair I clean up. I don't remember her shedding like this the past couple of years.

Of course, we have added a 10 month old to the house in the last few weeks. A 10 month old who crawls, army style, all over the hard wood, dog hair coated floors. We should have named her Swiffer. In fact, I may start referring to her as "Swiffer" here instead of Sparkle. Though she does make my world sparkle.

I honestly cannot believe that I can sweep or swiffer every single day and still get covered in dog hair when I pick up Sparkle.

I can't keep up. I just had this realization, not related to dog hair, as I walked through the kitchen. Oy, I can't keep up. All of the bottles are dirty again? Hmm. How about that? It's Saturday. You mean I have to constantly clean on Saturday, too?

I received a piece of junk mail this past week that I've received many times before. All of the other times, the slogan has annoyed me. This week, I just read it and thought "You ain't kiddin', sister." The slogan on the outside? "Life's too short to clean your own house." It does still get under my skin a little, that slogan.

When we returned from China, Mr. Swizzle's mom said something about how we should get a maid. My first reaction, as it usually is with her, was along the lines of "how dare she?!" But, Mr. Swizzle saw some merit in it, and I think she WAS actually thinking about saving me some cleaning. (Of course, I was still cussing from her chopping the hell out of my rose bush while I was gone, but hey. I WILL let that go one of these days.)

So, I'm considering taking the plunge and getting some help cleaning the house. How sad is that? I mean, yes I do have 2 kids. But JUST 2. I'm a stay at home mom. What else do I have to do but clean the house? "Life's too short to clean your own house"? But, I don't really have a life. So, where does that leave me?

I really am HATING the dog hair, though.


Anonymous said...

On my mother-in-law's recommendation I have had someone clean the house (2 x week) since before Mr Incredible and I married - much less had children - it just got more frequent once we had kids (1 x week) - again at the MIL's suggestion. Mr Incredible's stance was: "I don't want to come home and feel as though I have to help clean" so that was his rationale. I even have laundry help now that I'm in school - and keep it in the summer when I'm out of school -
And you call yourself lazy... ha! Got you beat on this one!!

Mary Beth said...

I have had it irregularly, but need it regularly. I'm reaffirming my commitment to find someone!

We caved in to the TV ads and bought the AMAZING SWIVEL SWEEPER!

Practically killed it in 2 minutes, with all the dog and cat hair. That is a TOUCH UP tool, not for heavy cleaning!

Sara said...

I say go for it if you want to. If you are still struggling with the idea though, you should check out I definitely learned a whole new cleaning mindset from that site. And when I sold my house, everything was all sort of ready because I had been doing it in steps. My realtor asked me if I kept the house this way all the time, and I took it as a compliment that he was impressed. I mean he looks at houses for a living!