Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On A Lighter Note

You may remember my previous post about carpooling. Well, it's working out quite well. In fact, on Monday, which was a very long day, Twinkle was able to go home with her carpooling friend while Hubby and I were at the hospital with his family. It was very nice, and convenient, that our carpooling buds had nothing at all scheduled on Monday afternoon and the mother said Twinkle could stay there as long as need be.

When we left the hospital around 5:00, I called to let her know we were on our way, even though it would be about an hour before we got there. She said the kids were hungry and could she go ahead and feed Twinkle some mac n cheese? No problem with me! She loves mac n cheese. Then I heard her say something about chicken, and as I was about to say "Twinkle doesn't eat chicken, we're vegetarians", I realized she was talking about packing up a dinner for Hubby and me so we wouldn't have to worry about it when we got home.

I was so touched by this, I didn't have the heart to tell her that we don't eat chicken. I mean, obviously, this is a pretty casual acquaintance although we trust each other with the lives of our children on a daily basis. But, we don't know each other THAT well. So I think that made it even more touching that she was making us dinner.

I arrived to pick up Twinkle and this woman has a big basket into which she put a big dish with a WHOLE roasted chicken in it (that actually smelled great), a container with salad in it, a container with more mac n cheese for Twinkle and a loaf of bread. Now I use the term "mac n cheese" loosely here. It wasn't Kraft. It was rigatoni with melted cheese all over it.

I actually thought to myself, "Maybe I COULD eat chicken". Sure it's been about 17 years since I've eaten any kind of animal meat, but that's how touched I was. I couldn't bear to just throw it out. Did I mention it was a WHOLE chicken?!

When I got home, I called my neighbor to see if they wanted a chicken. She wasn't there, but called me back later and I took the newly bagged chicken over to her. She said it'd be great for Tuesday night because they would be busy all day and she wouldn't have time to fix a decent dinner. So, everything worked out.

Now, I'm trying to figure out how/when/if to tell my carpooling buddy that we're vegetarians.

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