Thursday, February 8, 2007

My Child Is Not a Monkey!

We had our family interview yesterday at the school Twinkle will attend next year. We found out how she did on her test that she took a couple of weeks ago. She did really well. We're so proud of her for focusing and doing her best during the 2 hours that she was there.

Now that she's been accepted, I have to get my brain around home-schooling her for 2 days a week starting next Fall. I'm anxious about it, but I really think we can do whatever we put our minds to. It's less intimidating than full home schooling because the school sets the curriculum and structures the lessons so that we have certain things to do on the days that she is home. She'll have to actually listen to me on those days, which could be the thing we struggle with the most. Actually, she's getting better in that area. And she does have 7 more months of maturing, etc. before we begin this.

Tuesday, I had a teacher conference with Twinkle's current teacher. It went well with her using words like "enthusiastic", "animated", "passion", "eager to express herself" (doesn't that sound better than "talks non-stop"?) Her teacher did say that sometimes when they are doing work in class, Twinkle has to be separated away from the other children. Apparently, even if Twinkle sits next to a child that isn't a "talker", that child becomes a talker. Hey, she breaks down barriers of shyness, what can I say?

In "other child" news, I've mentioned very little on this blog about our adopting from China. Mostly because I have a blog about that for friends and family to keep up with our progress and I want to kind of keep the two separate. Having said that, once our new little one is home, she will be added to the daily subject matter on this blog. Also, when there is exciting news on that front, it's hard to keep it from bleeding over into everything.

The exciting news is this: We've been in the process of adopting since February 2005. We are now, finally, about a month away from getting our referral. A referral is the packet of information that the Chinese government sends us assigning us a child (including cute little pictures). About 2 months after that, we travel to China for 2 weeks to bring her home. I'm so excited to finally be to this part of the process, but at the same time, I'm scared to death. I'm finally getting a handle on ONE child. And let's face it, I don't really have a firm grasp on that handle most of the time.

Life is about to get interesting.

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