Friday, February 9, 2007

Ever Have One of Those Days?

I guess the better question would be, ever NOT have one of those days? I just need to get the past half hour out.

Around 4:45 this afternoon, I decided to (finally) clean up the kitchen. Twinkle asked if she could help me with the dishes. She was quite the helper. She really was very helpful. Until she just started getting under foot. You know, she'd put the cups and forks, etc into the dishwasher one at a time (deep breath). I really try to not get annoyed or frustrated when she wants to help so badly and I just want to get it done. I was doing great. Really I was. Then she just started not doing much of anything but being in the way. So, I told her thanks for all the help and she could go play a nickjr game. Off she goes.

Well, not really. She decided she'd rather play with the dog - whether the dog wanted to or not. She's running around, calling the dog, throwing herself on the ground (I don't know why) and generally trying to get the dog to play. The dog would rather go outside to play, and isn't all that interested in being jumped on by the 5 year old.

Then Hubby calls. He's on his way home. Did I mention I was actually scrubbing a pan to try to get eggs off of it? And the girl's acting nuts? And the eggs (that Hubby managed to stick to the pan) won't come off? And.... Yes the fact that he stuck the eggs to the pan DOES mean that he cooked breakfast on, say, Tuesday, but those things were stuck like glue.

So, Hubby gets slightly annoyed when I say I don't know what we're having for dinner and start naming every possible thing we could eat.

OK, get off the phone with Hubby. Continue scrubbing pan. Twinkle has finally gone into the office and closed the doors (with the dog in there) and started playing a computer game. Finally I can scrub this pan in peace.

"mom, mom, mom" Sigh. "What is it dear?" (actually I don't think it sounded that nice) T:"The dog threw up in the office". SIGH. The only room on the first floor with carpet.

OK, Thanks. I just needed to get that all off my chest. I'm going to go have some whiskey now, though I usually try to wait until Hubby gets home.

AND... he's home


Oh, The Joys said...

Every DAY!

Bobita~ said...

OMG! The same scene happened at my house on Friday!! Same daughter helping with the dishes, playing with puppy in the back yard (although our accident was puppy sh!t tracked in from outside) and the subsequent being interrupted every. thirty. seconds.

That was in addition to the other hideous escapades of the two boys. All while I was trying to get the last load of dishes loaded and the friggin 9th load of laundry into the washer!!

Oh yeah, my tonic was a few lovely fuzzy navels... containing more vodka than what should ever be used. heh.

Tee said...

Isn't motherhood WONDERFUL??!! :)