Tuesday, December 5, 2006

What a Crazy Week

If I can make it through this week without screaming, I'll be ready for next week.

This week Twinkle and hubby are in a performance at a local community theatre. The performances are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That means there are rehearsals every night this week. Luckily the little ones like Twinkle are supposed to leave by 8 every night. Last night, they were actually finished around 7:30. That could make for a cranky Twinkle by the weekend. She did, however, spend the entire night in her bed last night, so maybe that will continue if she's so tired when she goes to bed every night.

I started working with a personal trainer at the gym yesterday. I'll meet with her again on Thursday. I'm really looking forward to this new take on exercise. I have someone holding me accountable AND telling me how to do things correctly. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of new habits that I can stick with.

We shall see...

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