Saturday, December 9, 2006

I'm Feeling Much Better Now

It's Saturday night. I didn't think I'd be so perky at this point.

Twinkle's play has gone great. Only one more performance to go. Last night and tonight, I got to be the mom that stands outside of the room the kids are in, watching the play and following the script to cue the kids when to go out. This is much better than being the mom who's inside the room with the kids trying to keep them quiet and occupied when they aren't on stage. I'm very thankful for being able to be the cue-er. Find your talent, and stick with it!

I was a little freaked out (not to mention annoyed) when I got to the theatre tonight, though. I was the only mom of the 12 kids in the room that was staying to help. Hmmm, how do I stand outside the room following the script AND be inside the room keeping the kids quiet? Luckily, one of the moms who goes where she's needed wandered by and I said something about being alone and she instantly said she'd stay as long I could cue them. What a Godsend. She was better than I will ever be at keeping the kids quiet and busy. Oh, it was wonderful! If I can just manage to be the cue-er tomorrow night, I'll may come through this whole thing with all of my hair still attached.

Last night, my parents came up (3 hour drive) to see Twinkle (and hubby) perform. Hubby's parents were also supposed to be here. But.... I won't get into it. OK, maybe I will. They called around 3 and said they didn't think they could make it because they had x, y & z to do. Blah, blah, blah.... Honestly, it did make it easier on me not having both sets of grandparents here at the same time. What bugs me is the time hubby's parents carve out of their lives for hubby's nephew. It's just getting ridiculous how much favoritism they show. They've driven the 3 hours to see him in the middle of the day, middle of the week; taken off work, etc. etc. Driven up and back in the same day... Ugh! Anyway, luckily Twinkle has not seemed to notice this yet. I figure she will one day. I'll figure out what to tell her then.

Next stressor... going on a cruise next week (yeah, I know...) with the above mentioned hubby's parents, sister and favored nephew/grandson.

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