Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Just a word of thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts today. Sparkle did really well at the hospital. Which is saying something.

We got there at 12:30 as instructed for our 1:00 appointment. Everything was smooth sailing. At 1:30 the assistant head of radiology came out to the waiting room to apologize for the wait and to explain that the "regular" person wasn't in today, and the back up was down at a hospital in the Big City. He would be at our hospital in 30-40 minutes, but that meant more waiting for us. We decided to go ahead and wait instead of rescheduling and were given meal tickets for the cafeteria.

I will insert here that yesterday I had a stiff neck and went to bed last night at 8:00. From about 2am on, I didn't sleep very well, and ended up "getting sick" around 6am. So, I was quite a picture today and not feeling so great. By the time we went down to the cafeteria, I was feeling a bit better, but could not even contemplate eating. The children were distracted by food, and everyone was happy.

The asst. head of radiology came down as Mr. S was paying and said that there was in fact someone at the hospital who was free to do Sparkle's echo. He told us not to feel rushed eating and that she would be available whenever we got back to radiology.

She was indeed ready for us when we got back. Sparkle was amazingly still for the whole thing, sitting on my lap. I could see the 4 chambers of the heart and the valves working, but other than that, I couldn't tell you anything of value.

Our echo will be read by a pediatric cardiologist tonight or tomorrow and our doctor will get a report in a day or two.

Sparkle and I both napped when we got home. I'm feeling better tonight and even ate some Nilla Wafers. I may go have something else. Sparkle is doing great and is her usual self. She is now in bed and will go to school tomorrow for 1/2 of her normal time. Next week she starts full time, which for her is half days on Wednesday and Friday.

Tomorrow, I'll have an entire 1.5 hours to fill all by myself. Well, part of that will be driving back and forth to the school. What will I do with the rest of the time?!


Heather said...

I'm glad the day went fairly smoothly.

I wondered what I'd do when my kids were both in school at the same time for 2 hours last year. The time went so quickly though.

Anonymous said...

you could come have coffee with me!! i'll be waiting for an a/c repair!! mr incredible could not find the tape of her echo so it may have already been read - although he'll look again tomorrow morning when he gets there at 4am.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I hate that you felt sick. Maybe all the emotions catching up with you?

I am so glad that she did so well.

Mary Beth said...

What to do:
1) sleep
2) read
3) sleep