Saturday, August 23, 2008

Say a Little Prayer

The first week of school went pretty well. Thursday was a little difficult with the homeschooling. It seemed for most of the day that there was no sound coming out of my mouth. At least, judging by how my children reacted to my speaking to them.

Friday, I took both girls to the doctor for well checks. Twinkle got herself all worked up over getting a shot. Last year at her well check, she was supposed to get a shot, but the doctor was out. Apparently supply was low. She said it was no big deal and could wait until this year. Twinkle, being Twinkle, remembered every word of what the doctor said and did NOT want to go to the doctor this year. Obviously, she lived through it. She cried for about 30 seconds then went back to the space book she'd been reading.

Sparkle did really well. The last few times she's been to the doctor, she's started crying when they weighed her and didn't get much better until we were in the car on the way home. Friday she was perfectly fine being weighed and measured and waiting for the doctor. She even interacted pretty well with the doctor. Of course, she wouldn't let the doctor look in her ears. Maybe some day, someone will have no trouble peeking into the poor child's ears.

The doctor was happy with both girls' growth and general health.

There was one thing that came up that made me give this post the title I did. Sparkle has a heart murmur. The doctor assured me that it was quite common in children, but that Sparkle's was kinda loud and she wanted to refer us for an echocardiogram just to check things out. Sooo, we will be going to the hospital on Tuesday to get Sparkle's heart looked at. (Gee, saying like that made me tense up a bit.)

I talked to Elastigirl, Sparkle's Godmother, and she also assured me that it was likely no big deal. Being Elastigirl and such a great friend, she said she'd try to get Mr. Incredible, Sparkle's Godfather who just happens to be a cardiologist, to "try to be around" on Tuesday when we're there.

I haven't really stressed a whole lot about it over the weekend. I'll probably be a bit tense on Tuesday, but that's just me. Hopefully, having homeschool with Twinkle will not add to the stress, but will provide a bit of distraction for the morning.

So, say a prayer for the Swizzles as we face this common, probably nothing, stressor on Tuesday.


Heather said...

I know it's scary when doctors find anything remotely wrong. But it is probably fine. Both of my parents were born with heart murmurs. They're both in their 60s now. Be strong mom. I'll be thinking about you.

SUEB0B said...

I honestly believe that those tests are the only way doctors make any, more tests. I had one because of stress-related chest pains. They could have told me to leave my boyfriend and I would have saved $1900 LOL.

Hope everything turns out ok.

Mrs. Swizzle said...

Mr. Swizzle's guess is that the pediatrician referring her for an echo is basically a great CYA for the pediatrician.

Of course, I would want someone more specialized in something like that to C my A too!

Anonymous said...

mr incredible will be happy to wander through - just to see how things are going :)