Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wanna Plant

Here we are, almost at the end of March. It's a crazy time at Maison de Swizzle. Kind of.

You know how sometimes it seems like you have so much to do? And in reality you probably do, but none of it is just overly pressing, so not a lot gets done. But it seems like there's a lot to be done? I could make a list here of things that I need to do, but it really is pretty dull and uninspiring.

There are things I need to do that are everyday things. Yawn. Laundry, etc. The things that will always need to be done.

There are out of the ordinary things that need to be done, like all of the preparation for our trip to China sometime in May. But hey, that's May. I am doing those things that require time, like applying for visas, but there are other things I could do that I don't feel the need to do just yet.

This is a time when the title of this blog is really fitting. I have that swizzle stick in the top of my head and a lot of things bumping into each other inside my brain. It's times like this when I just want to go outside and plant something.

[I'm so unfocused that I just stopped right here in the middle of this post to check to see if my FedEx to my adoption agency had been delivered yet.]

Anyway, planting. I love gardening. I love getting dirt under my fingernails. Sometimes when I'm planting a bunch of plants, I'll stop and just sit and play in the dirt. Without gloves! Gasp!

"So, go out and plant something", you may be saying. If only it were that simple. See, all of those things that I think I need to do (because I do need to do them) are keeping me from planting. That, and the fact that I'm convinced we'll have one more cold spell that would undo all my hard work.

Mr. Swizzle and I are spending the weekend in NYC. He's actually already there today, and I'm going up on Friday. It will be a much needed get away before things get really crazy around here. We don't even have any plans made except maybe eating lunch Saturday in Central Park. We'll visit with friends we haven't seen for a few months and just hang out. Where are we going to eat? I don't know. Take in a show? Probably not since we don't have tickets and it's Wednesday. All that non-planning is feeling great right about now.

Maybe when I get back, I'll get those flower beds ready for some full on planting.

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