Thursday, March 15, 2007

If It Wasn't Pancakes, It'd Be Something Else

As I was getting ready this morning, Twinkle came into my bathroom in a perfectly chipper mood. "Mom, I don't need to eat breakfast. We're having green pancakes at school."

"That sounds great", I said. "But, you know, your teacher didn't send a note home about it."

"Yeah, she's going to send home a note today."

"Then honey, I think maybe you're having pancakes tomorrow, not today."

Twinkle went on to insist that it was today, and she wanted green pancakes today, and, and, ....TEARS.

Oy. She managed to stop crying, but was still very droopy. And whiny. She needed me to carry her downstairs. She needed a lot of holding and babying. She finally felt a little better.

We started breakfast and she, as usual, wanted a straw for her OJ. I was forced to remind her about the straw incident from yesterday which ended with OJ all over the table, floor, chair, her. More tears. Sigh. These tears didn't last as long, but yeeshk.

So, we finish breakfast. While she's "using the facilities", she says she doesn't want to go to school. "But today is art!" I remind her. "I'm too tired for that." Everything I list, she's too tired for.

Now, mind you, whenever Twinkle behaves like a 5 year old, Mr. Swizzle thinks she's sick, and I roll my eyes. Mr. Swizzle had already left this morning, but I still heard him asking if maybe she was sick.

So I told Twinkle that maybe if she was too tired for those things, that she should indeed stay home from school and go back to bed. She wasn't that tired.

But she did stay whiny. We made it upstairs to dress for school and she needed more snuggles while sitting in the floor with mom. I again asked her if she thought she should stay home, having almost convinced myself that I could call the carpool buddy and say we wouldn't be picking up Twinkle's classmate.

But, no Twinkle wanted to go to school and she wanted me to walk her in while she confirmed that the green pancakes were indeed not happening today.

I've actually spared you a lot of details of other whines from this morning. I half expected Twinkle's teacher to call during the day and say she wasn't feeling well.

She had actually turned herself around by the time we picked up her friend. And by "turned around" I mean, swung to the opposite end of the spectrum. But she still seemed like she was right on the edge of swinging back in the other direction. She didn't have a Jack Nicholson look in her eye or anything, but I do find myself wondering how her day is going.

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Anonymous said...

You know... besides the whole Gemini thing - it's not as if you have a lot going on at your house... maybe there's a pre-grief to having to share your parents...