Sunday, November 26, 2006

Who Are These People?

...And why are they in my house?!

I decided to start this blog, because sometimes I just need to talk. There may be no one listening, but at least the "not listening" isn't "to my face".

I just go through phases of feeling up or down or sideways, and I need to get it out.

Let me start by saying that I love my family. I have a husband of almost 18 years and a 5 year old daughter I'll call Twinkle. We are in the process of adding another child to our family through international adoption. I have another blog chronicling that odyssey, but I'd like to keep that separate from this.

We are ending 9 days of Twinkle being home from school, and hubby being off work and I'm ready for them to go back.

You'll never believe what hubby had the audacity to do...laundry!! How dare he?! Now, how is this something that I could possibly be annoyed about? He's been doing it for the past few days - that's how much was piled up - and I guess I'm not annoyed now. But I was - how is that possible? He didn't "do it right"...separating reds from blues from browns; dumping the clean clothes in the bedroom floor to be put away later...oh the humanity. I guess I just felt like he was coming into my domain and taking over because I wasn't doing a good job at it. Sure, there was a lot of dirty laundry waiting to be done. Sure, that could lead many to believe that I wasn't doing a good job of keeping up with it. I might even admit that I'd been lazy and had not done laundry the way it ought to be done. Why is my first response to get annoyed that he was helping me out? Why not just take the help?

Whenever something like this happens, I always swear to myself that I'll try to do a better job so that laundry, for example, doesn't pile up like this again. But then life comes along.

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