Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another Day

It's a good day... Sort of.

I did go to the gym today, and it did help me feel more together. However, Twinkle decided at 2:30 am that she wanted to sleep in our bed. This usually results in my not sleeping, so I typically try to discourage it. Hubby meanwhile snores away.

So, Twinkle comes in, wakes me up (will she ever learn?) and says she wants to sleep with me. I say no, she has to sleep in her bed. Begging and pleading follow, I say no, but honestly, I don't want to force the issue by picking her up and physically taking her back to her bed. So, Twinkle crawls into my bed. I do my best to keep my space and go back to sleep. About 45 minutes later, neither of us has slept and she decides maybe she'll go back to her own bed. Hurray.

3:40 am - From across the house "mom? Mo-om? Moooooooom? MOM!" Rumble rumble, not that I've actually fallen asleep in the 15 minutes she's been gone. I go to her room where she tells me she can't sleep. I did have some sympathy for her because I know what it's like to not be able to sleep! I turn on some music for her and go back to bed.

3:50 am - What is that sound? That sound isn't right. That's just off. What is it? It's Twinkle crying. I go to her room. T: "I had a bad dream"; Me: "No you didn't. You haven't slept in 1 1/2 hours."; T: "I want you to sleep with me because I'm crying"; Me: "Why are you crying?"; T: "I don't know"; Me: "Then stop it". I put two books into her bed (which were on the floor beside her bed and she could have easily gotten) and tell her not to get me out of bed again. Then I return to bed.

I think I fell asleep around 4:30. What did it was deciding that I should at least lie there and relax even if I couldn't sleep. Go figure.

So today I'm a wee bit cranky. I like sleep. Sleep is a very important part of my night. I can't help but be a little snippy when I'm awakened and it isn't for an actual bad dream or something equally major. I didn't rant and yell, but I feel like I should have been nicer. Hubby would probably say that I was nice - y'know, if he had been awake. He knows how I don't like my sleep interrupted. When will the girl learn that?

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