Monday, November 27, 2006

What Color is Your Swizzle Stick?

Do you ever feel like someone has put a swizzle stick into the top of your head and just stirred things around a little?

Sometimes I just have trouble thinking straight, or remembering things, or getting my brain around all the things that I have to do. When my brain feels this way, it puts me near tears. I really used to be an organized, thinking person. Where is that person now?

For one thing, I think I need more rest. That seems like an easy answer, and certainly seems easier than, say, more exercise. But a couple of weeks ago, I actually went to bed at 8:30! I felt great the next day. I can't remember being in such a good mood.

Another thing that helps sometimes is taking the time to make lists. It's as if by writing something down, I'm giving myself permission to not keep it in my brain. Then there isn't as much swirling around to be disturbed by the swizzle stick. What concerns me at times is that sometimes the lists have to be very detailed, but that's really just when there's just so much going on or involved in a particular task.

Also, I know that exercise does indeed help. After being told that by my doctor, and Oprah, and every other media outlet, I can finally say that they are correct. I've started going to the gym regularly for the past few weeks (I know, not long term yet) and I have noticed a difference in my attitude on the days that I go.

And yet, despite knowing all of those things, the top of my head feels like it has a swizzle stick in it today.

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