Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Brain, Brain, What is Brain?

I'm not actually a Star Trek geek, I'm married to one. Maybe that makes me one by default. He's not a "dress up like Spock and go to conventions" geek, but he can pretty much say the lines in all of the shows along with the actors.

But I digress...

Today, tonight especially, the swizzle stick is a-swirling. I was talking to a woman today whose daugther is in a drama class with Twinkle. I was telling her about having a jewelry show this coming weekend and a few other things, and she said that she remembered me mentioning that a couple of weeks ago. How do people remember things like that? I forget what I'm saying in the middle of a sentence! I couldn't tell you how many times this week alone I've just stopped to try to think of a word like "newsflash" or forgotten why I'm telling someone whatever it is that's coming out of my mouth. I couldn't tell you because I can't remember.

Jeezy, creezy, It's so frustrating. I wish I could look inside my brain and see what synapses are napping. I wish I could figure out what exactly I need to do to get everything firing. More sleep? Better de-stressing ability? More protein? More chocolate? More? Less? Prayer? Mediation? Medication? Yoga? 10 minutes of screaming every day? Silence?

My family deserves better. I deserve better.

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