Friday, January 11, 2008

Who Knew?

Who knew that there would be more than one up-side to Mr. Swizzle doing laundry?

Last...let's say March...our washing machine stopped working all the time. The delicate cycle didn't agitate. The other cycles didn't seem to want to spin at the end. At the time, Mr. Swizzle said, "call a repairman."

I, being who I am, never quite got around to that. Then we went to China in May to bring Sparkle home and the rest between then and now is a blur. I've just been going in after each load of laundry and pressing the "spin only" button. Two minutes later the clothes have been spun and I put them into the dryer.

While Mr. Swizzle was home over Christmas, he did a lot of laundry. That alone is quite a bonus. But, somewhere around load 2561, Mr. Swizzle decided to get online and check out those new fangled front loading washers. He, being Mr. Swizzle, did a lot of research and narrowed down his choices to one or two and announced that we did, indeed, need a new washing machine. After all, ours is 18 years old and who knew if it could be repaired?

So, last week Mr. Swizzle went to the Sears outlet store and picked out a front loading washing machine with a few scratches on it. It was delivered Monday.

Monday was also our 19th wedding anniversary. And, as Mr. Swizzle said, nothing quite says "Happy 19th Anniversary" like a new washing machine!

The funny thing is, it's quite mesmerizing. Twinkle wants to sit and watch it through the clear door when I start a new load. I've also discovered that I can close the laundry room door and sit on the floor in front of the washer and have quite a Zen moment all to myself for at least a couple of minutes until someone figures out where I am.

Ah, it's the little things that keep us sane.


Mary Beth said...

I saw my first front loading washer while on study abroad in England. 20 years ago. I sat right down on the floor of the laundrette to watch it!

Crazy Americans!

Anonymous said...

a meditation on laundry sounds much better than doing the dirty clothes...