Monday, January 7, 2008

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

Hey, it's 2008. What will THIS year bring? No babies, I can tell you that much.

Christmas was fun. Everyone got along. We didn't go anywhere. And I mean, even 30 minutes away to my brother's house. Everyone came here. That made things easier and, I think, less stressful.

Mr. Swizzle's mom gave us Best Buy gift cards. Now, usually if Mr. Swizzle is going to buy anything electronic, he's not going to Best Buy. He'll find some great deal on-line (and then get his credit card number stolen, but that's another story). So, it was actually quite an adventure trying to figure out how to spend these gift cards. Rough, I know.

Anyway, Mr. Swizzle decided to spend his on Rock Band for the PS3. For those of you not familiar with Rock Band, maybe you've heard of Guitar Hero? It's another video game that comes with a guitar and you play notes that pop up on the screen in the form of colored blocks that correspond to buttons on the guitar. Well, Rock Band is the same thing, except it also comes with a microphone and drums. It's lots of fun.

I decided that I was going to use my card for a Nintendo DS Lite. You know, for the brain games. Oddly, every Best Buy in a 20 mile radius is sold out. And they are sold out online. Hmmm. But Target had them. In pink. But my gift card was for Best Buy....quite a dilemma. What would YOU do?

Well, I bought a color printer at Best Buy and a couple of DS games. Then I went to Target and got the DS. Of course.

Getting a color printer should have been obvious from the beginning. Mainly because Mr. Swizzle doesn't see a point in having one and didn't want to buy one. BUT, once I decided that I was going to use my card for one, he DID want to do all the research he could and buy the best one.

All in all, it was a good Christmas for so many reasons. Not just getting to be frivolous with our gift cards, but spending time with family without feeling stressed. Getting together with friends. And having Mr. Swizzle home for a whole 2 weeks and not being ready for him to go back to work! Imagine....


Heather said...

You are my kind of woman. All I wanted for Christmas was a PS2 (because we can't afford any of the new ones!) and the SIMS game to play on it.

Then I got about 6 other games too.

Mary Beth said...

Brandon has that Rock Star game. But I haven't seen it.

Bet y'all rock!