Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What Do Your Friends Do For You?

Hmmmm. I don't mean that the way you're thinking.

I mean deep down, what do you get out of your friendships?

I tell you what (yes, I'm from Texas) I've been thinking a lot about this lately.

Earlier this week, my friend Elastigirl came over. Now, if you don't know Elastigirl, let me assure you that she actually is a superhero. I've never met anyone with a) so much energy and 2) such a great heart. She will do anything for you.

Elastigirl is Sparkle's Godmother. Before Sparkle was baptized, I was talking to her about having people over afterward, etc. She casually asked if I needed any help with food. I told her I hadn't even started thinking about it and she said, "let me do it." Not help. DO it. She did the shopping, brought over all the food, had everything planned out and said, "this is fun." Just the CONCEPT of me having to do everything she did for me for that one event makes me light-headed and a bit nauseous.

Tuesday when she came over, she brought lunch and Christmas presents for me and the girls. She had already taken her older son to school in the Big City and led the chapel at our church's school. While here, she had Sparkle on her lap while she was eating. She didn't think twice about Sparkle reaching over and picking up food off of her plate and gnawing on it.

But all of this isn't what Elastigirl does for me. Elastigirl makes me realize what a person can do if she only puts her mind to it, and she's been through some crap in her short 40 years. She also makes me ponder what kind of friend I am to others. (Not to mention how high-strung I am with my kids, but that's another post or ten.) Just ask the Duchess. I really suck at returning phone calls. Heck, sometimes I suck at even answering the phone!

I'm not putting all of this out there to brown nose Elastigirl or to have others say, "oh, you're a great friend." I'm just thinking. What do I do for others? What do I need to work on? I'll never be Elastigirl, but I wouldn't mind, every now and then, to be really proud of something that I can do for a friend.


Miss Smarty Pants said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. And your timing is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - I needed this. Please check my blog. A good friend would ___________ with me right now.

Heather said...

Honestly, some days I don't know. Family, family I can count on more.

Friends are there for me if I ask them to be I think. I think I put in more effort than maybe I should. I send cards to everyone for birthdays (and to their kids). I sent congrats on your pregnancy cards, etc. I've not gotten one card to say congrats on your pregnancy. I seldom get a birthday card.

Maybe my expectations are too high because I find myself disappointed a lot. But it's probably something that I'm doing or not doing.

Mary Beth said...

Ain't it the truth! She is made of gold.

For read my blog. You participate in my life that way. You care about me. You let me get to know you through your blog.

I hate phone calls and am very bad at returning them. Yuck! I hear you about that!

I know with my best friend, it's give and take. Sometimes it's all about her and sometimes it's all about me. We take turns.

I have another sort of friend who is mad at me (and all her friends) because she says they never get in touch or do anything with her. Well, when we get together it is ALWAYS all about her. And that gets...wearing.

You, not like that.


Mary Beth said...

PS: Happy Anniversary!!

Duchess of Insanity said...

Well.... when you DO answer your phone (or IM) you are a GREAT listener...especially when I just need to vent...about anything.

You were the first person (besides the Duke and mom) that I told about Tinkerbel and you laughed and cried with me when that was all I needed at that time.

You came to see ME at the hopsital with both girls. That meant the world to me. (Even though I secretly knew you still wanted to see them too) ;)

You throw a killer baby shower despite that stork.

You always have good cakes. I love cake.

You will ALWAYS be in the mood for sushi when opportunity strikes. And since the D hates it....I need that in a friend. :)

Even though I wish at times we were closer and hung out more...I'd say you kisk a$$ as a friend!