Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Down Side

Twinkle and I have been doing pretty well with the home school thing. We've had our struggles with handwriting and the usual listening issues. I've been really glad that this is the schooling path we have chosen.

This week? Well, we really haven't had school yet this week. Monday, being Labor Day, there was no school. Tuesday, a home school day, there was no school either because we finished Thursday's assignments on Thursday. BUT. Tomorrow, there will be testing. Some phonics stuff that I'm not really concerned about and math. Hmm. Math.

Twinkle is going to have a test in math tomorrow on doubles. You know, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4, etc. All numbers from 0 to 9. Last week, she had a mental block for a little while about 6+6, but she's over that. She pretty much has them down. The test? She will need to complete 25 problems in 1.5 minutes. She's had a little stress today about that timing thing. I feel her pain. She knows the information. She can do 25 flash cards aloud in less than 1.5 minutes. We worked for about 45 minutes earlier today. She did 23 once then went back to 15-20. Oh, the sadness she was feeling. "I just can't do it mom!" My poor girl. I don't know the right words to say to get her to focus. That's all it is.

We took a big long break. Watched some cartoons. Had a snack. Went to a pet store close by that we haven't visited yet. Deep cleansing breaths all around.

We came back and tried again. First try, 23. Sweet! Much rejoicing. Second try? 21. Slight pout from Twinkle, then a deep breath and a "let's do it again!" Third try? 25! Yea! Woo Hoo! Dance with me! Fourth try? 25! "Mom, we're done!" OK. I told her we'd practice until she could do 25 twice in a row.

She seems less stressed. I'm curious how she'll sleep tonight. I hope she sleeps well and doesn't fret over it. She knows the info. She doesn't get them wrong when she moves faster. I think being in the classroom tomorrow should really be easier for her, even though she didn't have TV or the dog or her sister distracting her today. She'll just be in a different setting where she behaves differently.

This process wasn't fun. I didn't want to push her so hard that she totally freaked out. But, she really wasn't focusing like I know she can. It WAS fun to see her so proud when she finally did it. Whew!


Mary Beth said...

Gor blimey. You're a better woman than I. Just thinking about putting someone through timed math work makes me need a bag to breathe into...

so glad she is succeeding!

Anonymous said...

Sounds hard, but the pay off is great! The Worier's math teaher seems to have a great idea - their first test is a timed test on the multiples of 0 - the kids think it's hysterical! I think it's a fun way to start the year.

Stay-at-Home Barbie said...

That's hilarious...."we're done mom". Kids, gotta love em.