Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Happy Report

I'm happy to say that Twinkle did well on her tests Wednesday. She said that she finished all 25 problems before the timer went off on her math test. Mr. Swizzle asked how many of the other kids in her class also finished and she said 3. The two other kids she named sit near her, so I don't know if there were others behind her she was unaware of.

Today was her first soccer game. The game consist of 10 minute quarters. She played two of them. She finally started getting into the competitiveness of it about half way through the fourth quarter. It was hot and she got distracted a few times, but she did pretty well for her first soccer game ever. Sparkle? She would have been happy anywhere else. Poor thing was hot and missing a nap and couldn't manage to get comfortable or happy. She did like us pouring water over her head and was happy to eat cheerios, but overall she was not a happy camper. Next week's game could interfere with her afternoon nap, but hopefully she'll be a little better off than this week.


Stay-at-Home Barbie said... the background! So peaceful. I feel like I am at a spa.....without the massage.

Mary Beth said...

This is a beeyootiful blog!

How's the knitting?

glad she enjoyed the soccer