Thursday, August 30, 2007

Is It Wrong?

Is it wrong if my 13 month old is living on Honey Nut Cheerios and formula right now? 'Cause that's all I can get in her sometimes.

That, and every now and then, at least half a dropper of vitamins.

Just askin'.


Anna Rae said...

At least it isn't cheetos and formula! Seriously, she'll be fine. Eventually she will expand her food selections. All my child development books say so!

Mary Beth said...

Cheerios, they are good for her! Her cholesterol will be rock bottom!

ElastiGirl said...

I always revert to T. Berry Brazelton on this - basically a cup of formula and some vitamins are sufficient - the cheerios are gravy - so to speak!! Worked with my two... & then if you're really paranoid, as I was, read Angela's Ashes - something about knowing how little he ate - but still grew up to be a great author - made me relax on the whole nutrition thing!!

mama.king said...

Have a friend whose little boy would only eat goldfish crackers for a while. His doctor wasn't concerned as long as he was getting plenty of milk.