Thursday, July 19, 2007

Moving to the Country, Gonna Eat a Lotta Peaches

Am I the only person who liked that song?

OK, I'm not actually moving, just visiting. But I do plan to eat a lotta peaches, because it is, after all, that time of year. The girls and I are heading to The Woods to hang out with my parents for a week. They are BOTH actually taking next week off from work. Too cool.

I think my brother's wife and 3 of his kids will be there at some point, but I'm not sure when. We'll be back on Wednesday, because Thursday is Sparkle's 1st birthday (!) and we can't be away from Mr. Swizzle for that! (I had to write it out like that to realize that her birthday is exactly one week after my dad's. He's turning 65 today!)

I guess some time between now and then I should make plans for a celebration of some kind to take place the weekend after we get back. Hmmm.

Sparkle is taking a much needed morning nap. Twinkle is, oddly, watching Barney. And I have some packing to do.

Miss me.


Anonymous said...

The Boyz LOVE that song & love to sing it loudly in the car!!
Does that mean no swimming tonite?!

Sara said...

I have the CD, from back before the time of MP3 players. Love that song!

Mary Beth said...

Miss you...come home soon!

Anonymous said...

I did miss ya.

mmmmmm peaches