Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This just kinda hit me as...odd? funny? disturbing?

Regarding Miss California and her same sex marriage beliefs and her nudie pics online:

The pageant would "never want to take away a girl's beliefs or her voice," he said. "We try to make these women capable of being free thinkers."

"But when you wear the title that says 'I represent everyone,' you can't then polarize the people you represent," he said.

"Girls"? "MAKE theses women CAPABLE of being free thinkers"? That little phrase just muddles my brain.

Does anyone really feel "represented" by their respective Miss USA contestant?

How odd is this whole "incident"?


Anonymous said...

It does seem as though she is the only thing making that whole contest last longer than the two hours it's on TV - surely none of it is relevant anymore... if it ever was. too cynical?!

Mary Beth said...


I can't think of anything that represents me LESS than Miss America.