Saturday, May 9, 2009

Reading and Reading

I'm pretty proud of the amount of reading I've been able to do this year. When Mr. S and I went on our anniversary trip in January, I read 3 books. I've been reading almost every day. Of course, most of that reading takes place between 9pm and midnight, so I guess you could say my sleep patterns have been affected.

I've read a couple Grisham books. I'm reading Angels and Demons now. I read all four of the books in the Twilight Series. Ah, to be a teenage girl again.

Now, I've picked up the books on Twinkle's summer reading list. Here's what she'll (we'll) be reading: Charlotte's Web, The Wind in the Willows, The Railway Children and Augustus Caesar's World.

The only one of these that I've read is Charlotte's Web's been a while, though I do remember bawling at the end. Twinkle has seen the movie, so she won't be surprised when we get to the end.

The Railway Children was written by a woman who was a socialist and apparently quite a rabble rouser, so that ought to be fun. I think I'm actually going to read the page at the beginning that tells about the author's life to Twinkle.

One of the books (gasp) has the word "ass" in it several times (my neighbor across the street said that the year her kids read it, one of the other moms was in quite a state the first day of school).

The Caesar book seems like it could be pretty dry reading, BUT looking through it, it does look like there are some interesting parts tying together several things going on at a particular time.

So, any tips? Have you read any of these and liked or disliked them? I'm trying to figure out if we start with Caesar, or if we start with one that's more story-like.

Twinkle's last day of school is Monday. We'll be starting reading (and math review) on Tuesday. Lots of pages to digest this summer.

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