Friday, September 19, 2008


I fear my blog is turning into a political one. But, hey that's what's swizzling in my head right now.

I will attempt to control it.

I just have to say, this made me want to knock my head against a wall:

"We must act now to protect our nation's economic health from serious risk," Bush said at a White House press conference. "There will be ample opportunity to discuss the origins of this problems. Now is the time to solve it."

Um, no. We must act 6 months ago to solve it when you said there was no problem with the economy, Mr. President. I don't think the discussion of its origins is going to be a very long one.



Socialworker said...

I'm with you there!

Miss Smarty Pants said...

OH my gosh. I am so sick of hearing that the economy is basically sound. After this weekend McCain started switching it up a bit and saying "you the workers are the sound basis of the economy" or something like that. The economy is NOT sound for pete's sake.

ElastiGirl said...

but the bad economy is just a figment of our imagination according to our esteemed ex-senator!!
ordered a bumper sticker from cafe press last night: Polar Bears for Obama (actually two: also ordered Respecting the Dignity of Every Human Being - The Episcopal Church & it has the shield on it) - the boys need a way to distinguish our van from the 40 identical ones in carline :)
Word Verification: ipoopw - makes me giggle b/c i'm 12 inside!

Mary Beth said...


ElastiGirl said...


Dana said...
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Dana said...

It's not Bush's fault, nor any one entity. The lending market was jacked in 1999 when the Clinton administation pushed Fannie and Freddie to accept subprime mortgages. The situation worsened when Fannie execs doctored the books to show that they were making money when they were seriously hurting (in order for execs to receive bonuses). Greenspan pushed ARMs while the Bush administration failed to oversee the issue and the Dems and Reps fought in the house and senate over fiscal responsibility and the right of every American to own a home. Unfortunately, everyone should but not everyone can afford to. In my opinion, both greed and good intentions got us into this predicament.