Monday, May 7, 2007

What? Let Go? Relax?

I had a very relaxing chat over coffee this morning with Elastigirl. I actually drank coffee, not a frappuccino like I usually do. And I had a yummy blueberry empanada, but I digress.

Elastigirl had this CRAZY idea that I need to focus on relaxing the "last few days" before the trip and before I'm never alone again. OK, she didn't say "never alone again", but she did have an excellent point about the world turning upside down and all.

You know what else she said? "Forget your to-do list." Gasp. What? Wait, I need to stop and breathe.

Elastigirl, by her very nature, is quite the organized individual. SHE gave me permission to relax and just make sure I get packed. You mean I don't have to clean out the two junk drawers and the pantry before I leave? Huh. How about that?

I have managed to foist some of my anxiety on to Mr. Swizzle. Woo Hoo. Sorry dear. He said he woke up at 4 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep because he was thinking about what he's going to pack. Somebody has to think about it. Maybe that's why I slept so well.

So, I'm taking Elastigirl's advice. She's a wise woman. Not sweating the things that will wait until I'm back and can't leave the house.

I will do laundry. I will keep the house relatively clean. I will not stress. I will relax. I will enjoy this part of my journey.

I'm not sure how much I will post here while we are gone. You can follow our trip here if you'd like.


Mary Beth said...

Woo, I love it! "Enjoy this part of the journey."

That's a classic right there. I spend a lot of my life waiting for the journey to start...vacation, new semester, Sunday morning, exercise class. You name it, I can "put it off until..."

Well, she's right. This is the journey. Right now, 4:45 a.m. and raining on Tuesday morning. Not, "when exercise class starts," not "when I have my breakfast meeting," etc.

Have a great day. Enjoy it!

sarahliz said...

Wow! Amazing philosophy. Can I ditch my to-do list as well? I'm sure cleaning the tile grout with a toothbrush can wait until after baby right???? :)

Enjoy your last few days with Twinkle as an only! Give her tons of hugs and kisses, oh and Mr Swizzle too. This is such a great time in your life. Who needs to do junk drawers? Love you guys!

ElastiGirl said...

glad you're taking it easy on yourself - you'll be needed in whole new ways next week, so you need to have the reserves to be able to give...
love y'all - can't wait - and know i'll be praying constantly!!