Thursday, October 23, 2008

Call Me Crazy

OK kids, I need some advice or insight or random ramblings off the top of your head.

To say I don't know where the idea came from would not be true, I am just not sure I can believe that I got onto this train of thought.

Mr. Swizzle's mom left a message last week asking for some help. A friend's grandson's girlfriend (why not?) is in need of baby things. Pregnant. Due in January. Absolutely no support except for boyfriend's grandmother. MIL was calling to see if we had anything we were finished with that we'd be willing to give. I told her that I'm pretty sure we still have Twinkle's stroller/infant seat combo, if the baby's a girl we can outfit her for a year, and that if Sparkle wasn't still using the crib, she could have that too.

THIS is what got me thinking. I guess we COULD go ahead and get Sparkle a big girl bed. It's not like she's confined to her crib anyway. When we got Twinkle's big girl bed, she was old enough to voice an opinion about what she wanted and Sparkle is not there. Yet.

Here's the crazy part. I started wondering about getting bunk beds and putting the girls in one room. We don't need to do this for the space, that's not an issue. I DID put in a lot of time painting Sparkle's room before she came along and I'd hate to lose that.

All that said, I do remember feeling "lonely" at night when I was a kid. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense for those who are afraid of the dark to be sleeping alone, when the adults, who theorhetically aren't afraid of the dark, get to have someone else in the room with them.

Twinkle is constantly saying that she doesn't like sleeping alone and wishes there was someone there with her. I don't think Sparkle has gotten to the stage to notice yet. I've told Twinkle what I'm thinking about and she didn't go gaga one way or the other. Maybe because I REALLY watered it down to a very low possibility and I didn't mention the whole "have someone with you in your room at night" part.

So, am I crazy? I have no experience with this as a child or as an adult. I only had an older brother growing up and we had our own rooms. Would it be nice for them to have each other in the middle of the night? Would it be bad for them to have each other in the middle of the night? I know it isn't long term and that Twinkle would probably be ready for her own room again in about 6 years. Could this be a nice little bonding experience for the girls?


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Or Perhaps Three?

There are so many brave souls with more than two kids, I just had to make this. (AND I've already had 2 orders for them). I also bought smaller letters so that more than one name will fit on a disc.

I have more things on order. The possibilities are becoming endless.

Here's my store.